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PureFlow Water Products began in 1990 selling reverse osmosis units manufactured by another Florida company. However, we believed we could produce a better product than the current industry standard, and five years later, we began designing and manufacturing the PureFlow RO Systems.

Productive systems on the market

Today, after 15 years of regular upgrading, we believe we have one of the most reliable, economical to operate, compact, efficient and productive systems on the market. We offer a  complete line of Reverse Osmosis systems, with custom design options available to meet any need.  Additionally,


The type of membrane and pressure will determine the quality of purified water produced. The filters that are used before the membrane, the frequency of changing these filters, and the water quality will determine how long the membrane will last. We use the best membrane and the finest filters and components available. With semi-annual filter changes, many of our customers get 5 or 6 years of membrane life. Some of the less expensive membranes in the market have a 1 year warranty with only an 80% rejection rate of TDS. Our unit gives up to 98% rejection rate. Poor water quality from the supply line can have an adverse effect on the water quality produced. In some instances pre-treatment is required. The greater the pressure, the greater the rejection rate. The flow rate from the tank to the faucet is exceptional because we use a 3/8″ line. Many units on the market today use a 1/4″ line. The difference is almost triple the flow rate. Only two filters are needed when filter changing is required, because of the way our units are designed. The two pre-filters are discarded first,then the post filter is moved to the center, a new 1.0-micron sediment is placed where the water supply enters the unit and a new 0.6-micron Extruded Carbon Block filter is placed in the post filter position, always keeping a new filter in the last filter housing before the water comes out to the faucet. The center filter now was used only as a polishing filter, since only purified water passed through it in the post filter position. This design alone will save over $68 a year in filters. Less expensive units use an in-line GAC filter which is a very inferior and poor quality filter. Granular Activated Carbon channels and with age begins to leach carbon fines loaded with chemicals into your drinking water. This is not good. We use Aluminum Brackets to hold the filter housings with Stainless screws that will never rust. Our regular tanks are made from PVC like material, with no rusting. Larger capacity tanks are available for larger daily requirements. Our membrane and filter housings are also PVC like material, with replaceable O-rings. A booster pump and a non-electric permeate pump are included in our Premium models for greater pressure, economy, quantity and quality. Larger Pressure tanks and Pressure gauges are available as an option. The Whole House Filtration/Conditioner offers the best protection from the damaging effects of chemicals, oxidants, hardness, taste, smell & odor,heavy metals, and the REDOX media is biocidal. This unit operates totally automatic with years of maintenance free filtration and conditioning. This unit will filter up to 1.5 million gallons of water before the media would need replacing. For Information on how to become an Independent Dealer Representative Call Terry Eilers at 1 321 543-4161 Why should you drink Purified Water? 1. Your body is 80% water. Every cell in the human body is surrounded by water. This cell environment is only as good as the water quality you drink. 2. There are five functions of water in the body, and purified water helps the body with all these processes for maximum results. The five functions are:Coolant, Solvent, Transportant, Lubricant & as an Electro-Negative Inducer! 3. Water containing any of the hundreds of chemicals compounds or toxins that are present in our environment today, or any of the 260 different contaminants found in drinking water supplies throughout the United States can have no place in a health conscious individuals diet. Only very sophisticated testing by a certified lab can determine exactly what your water contains. Purifying your water eliminates this concern for even having the water tested. 4. Purified water tastes better, saves on buying bottled water, offers point of use convenience for cooking water, drinking water, ice cubes and refrigerator water & it provides peace of mind knowing you are drinking only pure & healthy water. Semi-annual testing of TDS and filter changing will maintain top quality water and increase membrane life. 5. Water purified by Reverse Osmosis is the most natural, efficient, economical and beneficial way of providing you with the quality water you want, need and deserve. Why is the PureFlow RO your best choice ? 1. Only the finest quality components are used in our manufacturing process. 2. We service customers all over America & offer manuals for easy installation. 3. Units are custom designed for municipal or well water. 4. With over 20 years experience in water treatment, we are in our 13th year of manufacturing, distributing, & servicing. 5. All our systems offer years of quality water with very low maintenance costs. 6. Purified water on tap for pennies per gallon up to 140 gallons per day. 7. We offer regular notification for filter changes and offer free shipping on filters. 8. Our product line includes 6 PureFlow R.O.’s, Shower Filters, Water Conditioners, a Whole House Filtration System (Triple Media Bed) or a Combination Whole House Filtration/Conditioner (Quad Media-Bed). We also design Well Systems and Filters and other related water items for your convenience and benefit. Water is considered the most important nutrient we put in our body today, and with PureFlow Water Products we offer you the very best. The PureFlow Automatic Whole House Filter Completely Automatic metered backwashes after a pre-set number of gallons. Special media blend effective for removal of chemicals, oxidants, sulfur, iron,heavy metals and odors for 10-15 years without adding salt or any other regenerates or new media. Treats up to 1,500,000 Gallons of water. Prevents water from scaling, without salt. Biocidal & antioxidant. Creates very healthy water. Designed for Municipal or Well-water supply. Increases life expectancy of all water appliances and pipes. Eliminates shower filters. Commercial quality with a residential application. Automatic metered valves with a Stainless Bypass valve are optional. The Premium Deluxe Reverse Osmosis This unit has a Booster Pump and produces 140 gallons per day of purified water. The 3/8″faucet line greatly increases the flow rate. Includes a 4 gal.tank that will not rust. Pressure is increased to almost to 60 p.s.i. This is the most compact and efficient unit available with a 1.5:1 ratio of drain water to permeate water. The 110 volt electric CDP-8800 Booster Pump increases the percent of rejection rate of TDS significantly. Ideal with ice-maker &refrigerator water. Larger capacity tanks to 50 gallons and pressure gauge are optional. For a water test, information or questions give us a call. 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