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PureFlow manufactures a complete line of Reverse Osmosis filtration units, designed to meet your unique water needs.  Reverse Osmosis is the most natural, efficient,  and beneficial way to supply your family or business with quality water.  It is the most economical way to remove the hundreds of toxins  and contaminants found in today’s drinking water supplies.  Reverse Osmosis uses a combination of water pressure, filters and membranes to remove these harmful toxins from your water.

PureFlow Water Products use the best quality membranes, filters and components available today in our PureFlow R.O. systems.  The quality of these components directly affects the resulting water quality which in turn extends the life of the system’s membrane. 

Additionally, our units have an up to  98% rejection rate of total dissolved solids (TDS).

All PureFlow manufactured Reverse Osmosis Systems feature:

  • 1.0 micron sediment filters
  • 0.6 micron extruded carbon block filters
  • 3/8″ water faucet lines
  • Aluminum brackets & stainless screws
  • Tanks and housings made of PVC-like material
  • Replaceable O-ring
  • Highest quality membranes
  • 3 canister filtration system, with unique money-saving design

All of our systems are available with larger tanks and different size membranes.  Certain well water conditions may require pre-treament.  Please contact us for prices. 


Premium Reverse Osmosis Systems

 PureFlow R.O. Premium with Booster Pump

This unit includes an electric booster pump and produces up to 120 gallons per day of purified water.  Includes a 4 gallon tank with pressure  up to 60 p.s.i.  This is our most compact and efficient unit available, with a 2:1 ratio of drain water to permeate water.  Our unique 3 canister filtration system only requires 2 new filters at each service, resulting in less operating costs over the life of the system. Ideal for an ice maker/refrigerator water application.



PureFlow R.O. Premium with Permeate Pump

 This unit includes a non-electric permeate pump which improves tank capacity while also increasing the efficiency and life of the membrane.  The permeate pump improves the overall water pressure in the system.  Features our unique, 3 canister filtration design.  This system is ideally suited for installations without available electrical input. 


Deluxe Reverse Osmosis System

PureFlow R.O. Deluxe 

 Our deluxe system is designed with all the quality components of our premium systems.  It also features our 3 canister filtration system and a 4 gallon holding tank.  This system is best suited for applications with existing low total dissolved solids and low capacity needs.




Standard Reverse Osmosis System

PureFlow R.O. Standard

  PureFlow Water Products is pleased to offer an economy reverse osmosis model.  This system features a 2 canister plus inline filter system as well as 1/4” tubing.  Our standard system provides four stage filtration at an economical cost.